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A one Hospital, Gorakhpur

A One Hospital offers 24 hours round the clock emergency services, geared to meet any emergency - surgical or medical - with an aim to meet "Zero-error". The Emergency Department is a mini Critical Care Unit, provides the patient the same care as would be available in any well equipped Intensive Care Unit, during his / her resuscitation period. Designed along the lines of the modern-updated Intensive Care Unit, it has all the fitments for an emergency unit - including multi channel communication system.

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* Gastroenterology & GI surgery
* Gynaecology & Obstetrics
* Neurosurgery
* Urosurgery
* Plastic surgery
* Dental surgery
* Orthopaedic surgery
* Pediatric surgery
* Critical care
* Emergency & Trauma General surgery(open & laparoscopic)

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Address :- Padha Mohaddipur
Gorakhpur 100 Meter West From
Mohaddipur Police Checkpost
Phone No:-0551-2202332
Mobile No:-9838959598 , 9453224185

Email Id : info@aonehospitalgkp.com

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